Let the games begin!

After the initial meeting with my Realtor, he provided me with a website that was customized for my search and allowed me to mark which listings I liked, hated and were a possibility. I had almost 100 houses to review before we went house hunting! Thankfully I was able to eliminate a large amount based on their location, then I eliminated based on # of bedrooms (less than 3), and anything without a garage. I managed to get the list of options down to about 25, which was a pretty hefty feat.

Saturday March 2, 2013 was the first day of house hunting.  I picked up my friend Liz (on HGTV they always bring a friend, so obviously I needed one too in order to find my perfect house!) and we headed north from downtown to the suburbs.  My Realtor presented me with a fantastic binder (I love when someone is prepared & organized!) that had an outline of our house hunt for the morning as well as the MLS listings of the 10 houses we’d be seeing.

Planned viewings for the first day of house hunting.

Planned viewings for the first day of house hunting.

The first two houses were less than 1,500 square feet and although they had some nice finishes, I quickly realized the rooms were too small for my taste. The other 8 houses we saw that day were okay – nothing that seemed to be a good fit. My Realtor was awesome about looking at the critical details – the roof, a/c unit, and foundation and telling me the good and bad about a house. I didn’t find my dream house that day, but I did get a good idea of more things I didn’t want in my future home.


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