Pulling the trigger

Over the next several days after my first day of house hunting, my personal search website was updated daily with new listings.  Each day I logged into my portal to review the new houses and decide if I liked them, hated them, or if they could be a possibility. Very few houses were coming on the market in my search parameters, and even fewer that I liked.  I started wondering how long it could take me to find something.

Meanwhile, the Dallas housing market was heating up – supply was low and demand was high. Houses were selling within hours of going on the market and for above asking price! What this meant for me: I had to be ready to pull the trigger when I found something I liked.

The second weekend of my house search, I had plans to meet my Realtor in the morning to go see 5 houses. Before I left my place that day I logged into my custom site and noticed one particular house that I really wanted to see.  It was in a great location, less than 1 mile from my good friend Annie, and backed up to a neighborhood greenspace that had a huge pool, tennis courts, playground and walking path, all for a low HOA fee of $600 per year! Saturday’s house hunt produced nothing exciting, but we made plans to go out again on Sunday morning and see the aforementioned house.

Day 3, Sunday March 10: met with my Realtor and went and saw the house. It was almost as good as I imagined it would be! The layout was okay, it had a great wall of built-ins which featured a wet-bar, and the kitchen was pretty spacious despite being a galley layout. The downside: it was FILTHY! They current owners had not cleaned in months! Everything was dusty, the countertops & cabinets hadn’t been cleaned in quite some time, and the closets were full to the brim of junk! Thankfully, I knew cleaning was an easy fix – a few gallons of ammonia would take care of all of the dirt and grime.  So we saw a few more houses that morning and went back for my “second look” and decided to put in an offer.

After the showing I headed to book club and await an update.  Within an hour I had an update: there were already 3 offers on the house. I decided to proceed with my offer – you can’t win if you don’t try. On Monday, I had my answer: there were 2 FHA offers and 2 conventional – they weren’t even going to consider the FHA’s because they knew there were issues with the house that wouldn’t meet FHA guidelines that they weren’t going to fix.

Although I was pretty disappointed, I knew my chances were pretty low to begin. It was time to take a break and regroup, plus I was heading to Chicago the next weekend to celebrate my favorite holiday – St. Patrick’s Day!


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