Hurdles along the way

Buying a house is the most stressful experience I’ve ever been through. The business of real estate does not operate like a traditional business. There is so much that is out of your hands, and you are at the mercy of everyone else. I felt like I was constantly playing a game of telephone – my agent would tell me something that the seller’s agent said, that may or may not have come directly from the sellers and may or may not have been over exaggerated.

Once my offer was accepted, I had to immediately schedule an inspector because I only had 10 days to back out if they found something wrong. Thankfully the inspector didn’t find anything major with the house – some electrical work to be brought up to code, some other things that would be nice to get fixed, and a few repairs that needed to be finished from before the house was put on the market.  We encountered a few other bumps in the road along the way towards closing, but everything was worked out smoothly.

I began packing up my apartment and strategized what I would do first in my new home.


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