A fresh coat of paint

My painter started working early on a Sunday and finished my master bedroom and half of the ceilings that same day.  It is amazing how a fresh coat of paint can make such a difference. The painter wasn’t able to complete everything before I moved in due to some scheduling conflicts with his other projects, but it was all done within 2 weeks. The master bedroom paint color is Behr’s Cathedral Grey & the family room is just an oil based white.

The place is finally starting to feel like my own. Next up, more cleaning!


Taking ownership

I closed in early June and arranged my move for the following week.

The vacant house was filthy! I spent my first day of home ownership scrubbing the entire house. There were several layers of contact paper in the cabinets that needed to be removed as well as shelves that had been made of pegboard & jerry rigged with hooks & fishing wire. There were also an insane amount of cup hooks everywhere! Inside cabinet doors, under cabinets, and in the walls. I also had the foresight to arrange for carpet cleaners to come that day as well and remove years of dust from the carpets.

In between all the cleaning, I had consultations with painters to get estimates on painting my ceilings, master bedroom walls & wood paneling in the family room. I made my decision on which one to go with and had them start the next day.

After a gallon of ammonia, several sponges, and new paint picked out, I was ready to make my new house my home.