That’s a lot of holes!

Despite moving in more than a month ago, I still have stuff in boxes. In my formal living room I had several boxes of books that I was waiting to unpack until I decided on where to put my bookcase.  After my new furniture arrived last weekend I was able to move some of my old furniture into the living room and set up my bookcase.  At my apartment, I only had a small bookcase since I had a whole set of built-ins I used for books and picture frames.  Now, in my house, I was limited on display areas.  I thought about putting my books and frames in my built-ins on either side of my fireplace but then no one would see them behind the cabinet doors. Then, genius struck and I decided to remove the doors from the top cabinets.  Problem solved and it looks great!

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Yay for new furniture!

Since I had been living in various one bedroom apartments for the last 7 years, my inventory of furniture was pretty low. I had started looking around at different stores for options a few weeks before I closed and had my sights set on a beautiful 3 piece sectional from Ashley Furniture.  My current bedroom set & recliner are from Ashley so I always get special fliers from them about various sales.  After I closed on my house I patiently waited for the next flier to arrive, and it was well worth the wait! I got such a good deal that in addition to my couch I also purchased a king size bed & a kitchen table.  Both were items on my list that I thought I was going to have to put off for awhile so I was excited I was able to purchase them immediately and fill out my house.

The bed frame matches my existing bedroom set perfectly, so I was able to keep my dresser & nightstands. I loved my old comforter set, but it was a queen size so now I have to find a new comforter set for my new king bed. I’m thinking something simple in white with maybe some yellow accents. Thoughts?

Everything was delivered about 2 weeks after my purchase and it looks great so far! I could not be more pleased with my purchases and I’m excited to start hosting company!

Worlds greatest parents & lessons in home ownership

I know everyone says their parents are the best, but seriously, mine are definitely the greatest! They have owned 4 houses in 4 states over the last 30+ years and are pro’s at being homeowners. Also, my mom loves cleaning and when my brother visited a few weeks earlier he said “mom is going to have a blast helping you clean this place.”

Pinterest success! Gift I made for my parents of the states they've lived in

Pinterest success! Gift I made for my parents of the states they’ve lived in

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