Worlds greatest parents & lessons in home ownership

I know everyone says their parents are the best, but seriously, mine are definitely the greatest! They have owned 4 houses in 4 states over the last 30+ years and are pro’s at being homeowners. Also, my mom loves cleaning and when my brother visited a few weeks earlier he said “mom is going to have a blast helping you clean this place.”

Pinterest success! Gift I made for my parents of the states they've lived in

Pinterest success! Gift I made for my parents of the states they’ve lived in

My parents were a HUGE influence on my decision to buy a house and I could not be more grateful. They came to visit for the 4th of July and stayed for 5 days. Over those 5 days I learned so much from them about how to take care of things around my house as well as helped with the garage clean out and other various places. I scrubbed the main areas when I moved in, but my mom helped clean the windows in my formal living & dining room, the light fixtures, and my family room built-ins.

before & after of the garage preview

before & after of the garage preview

The first day we set out to Sears, Lowe’s, and Home Depot to acquire the necessary tools I would need to be a homeowner. My dad brought quite a few of his own tools for the weekend, but I needed my own so that day we acquired:

  • 20v drill
  • drill bit set
  • shop vac
  • hedge trimmer
  • hose & hose holder

Shopping consumed our whole day and we returned home just in time for dinner, and ended the evening pulling out more jerry rigged peg board shelves.

The next morning we woke up bright and early to tackle the garage before it got too hot.  We spent 4 hours cleaning it out.  There were rickety shelves on the wall that were held up with nails, not screws, which made them extremely tough to get out of the wall – my dad was awesome about getting the job done! He regretted not bringing a crow bar and picked up a mini version for me later for some of our other projects.

There was a roll of carpet we dragged out to the curb, some old metal racks, random poles from a very old clothesline among other various things. The end result was a much cleaner garage with tons of holes for me to patch from the shelving we tore down.

The rest of the weekend was spent doing small projects.  We patched a hole in my laundry room & where the medicine cabinet in my half bath, replacing a sprinkler head, and learning how to trim my hedges.

I also learned how to replace light switches and electrical outlets.  The previous owners had the outdated vanilla switches & outlets throughout the house, and I wanted to change them to bright white for a cleaner feel.  My dad and I replaced 12 three-way light switches and a handful of electrical outlets.  However, since then I’ve replaced 9 electrical outlets on my own! And didn’t get electrocuted once! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Worlds greatest parents & lessons in home ownership

  1. A) Agree about you having the best parents in the world; 2) I want to see pictures of the tools, especially the ones of the powered variety iii) the trick is now KEEPING the garage that clean

    • I’ll get right on those photos of my 3 power tools (does a shop vac count??)… It will stay clean as long as I don’t acquire more tools! Thankfully its too hot in Texas to store anything in the garage besides tools.

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