That’s a lot of holes!

Despite moving in more than a month ago, I still have stuff in boxes. In my formal living room I had several boxes of books that I was waiting to unpack until I decided on where to put my bookcase.  After my new furniture arrived last weekend I was able to move some of my old furniture into the living room and set up my bookcase.  At my apartment, I only had a small bookcase since I had a whole set of built-ins I used for books and picture frames.  Now, in my house, I was limited on display areas.  I thought about putting my books and frames in my built-ins on either side of my fireplace but then no one would see them behind the cabinet doors. Then, genius struck and I decided to remove the doors from the top cabinets.  Problem solved and it looks great!

Earlier this summer 4 of us decided to make a trip to Austin to go tubing on one of the numerous rivers and decided on this weekend. Unfortunately, the trip meant I wouldn’t have time for any home improvements over the weekend. Nonetheless, I managed to get some work done after I arrived back home on Sunday afternoon.  All those holes in my garage walls from the shelves we pulled out? Yep, I patched them and it took about half of a small container of spackle to accomplish the task. It didn’t take too much time to do the necessary spackling, but the end result shows just how many nails/screws we removed.

Patched holes

Patched holes

All those white spots are where the holes were, and consequentially the number of nails we removed on the 4th of July. Have I mentioned how great my parents were?

Up next: hanging more pictures & artwork and painting my half bath a cobalt blue!


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