Picking my next project

Sooo, I know its been awhile since I’ve posted any updates. Frankly, I haven’t done much worth updating y’all about. I’ve been patching some of the holes from my intercom system with the leftover drywall from my parent’s 4th of July visit and spending time on basic homeowner things – cleaning (2.5 bathrooms and 2200 sq ft takes a while!), and having friends over for dinner (without a working oven mind you).

I’ve also been debating which project I want to do next: Continue reading


A Pinterest closet success story!

I love celebrations & presents. There’s nothing better than shopping for presents and picking out something unexpected that the person doesn’t know they need, but that you know they’ll love. The icing on the cake is wrapping it up in pretty paper.  Over the last several years my present wrapping collection has looked like this:

Wrapping paper assortment

Wrapping paper assortment

It was an okay solution in my apartment when I was able to put it in my coat closet and bring it out when needed.  When I moved into my house, it got placed against a wall in my study.  Since it wasn’t behind a closed door, I realized just how ugly and unorganized the whole thing looked. Continue reading

My First Whole Room DIY Makeover

Last weekend I attempted my first whole room DIY project! It was only a bathroom, and a half-bath at that, but still, it was one whole room checked off my list.

Bathroom before, and a poor "pic stitch" job

Bathroom before, and a poor “pic stitch” job

When my parents were in town over the 4th of July, we attempted to replace the  gross, old medicine cabinet in my half bath. After pulling it out of the wall, we realized we couldn’t put a new one since the new standard of medicine cabinets were much larger than those from the 60’s. We couldn’t make the hole bigger because of where the stud was, so my dad set to work patching the hole instead.  While out shopping, we found this great mirror that became the inspiration for the whole room.


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