A Pinterest closet success story!

I love celebrations & presents. There’s nothing better than shopping for presents and picking out something unexpected that the person doesn’t know they need, but that you know they’ll love. The icing on the cake is wrapping it up in pretty paper.  Over the last several years my present wrapping collection has looked like this:

Wrapping paper assortment

Wrapping paper assortment

It was an okay solution in my apartment when I was able to put it in my coat closet and bring it out when needed.  When I moved into my house, it got placed against a wall in my study.  Since it wasn’t behind a closed door, I realized just how ugly and unorganized the whole thing looked. So, obviously, I took the internet and Pinterest to find a solution and that’s when I found an amazing solution using The Container Store’s Elfa products.

I ordered all the products I was going to need online for pick up, and was able to put the whole thing together in less than 10 minutes. It was super easy, and has already served its purpose – I discovered I had about 10 packages of various colored tissue paper.  Bonus: when the closet door is shut, you can barely notice the hardware on the top & bottom of the door!

Although it was somewhat expensive, it was totally worth it. Now, I need to buy more baskets & wrapping paper supplies to fill out the whole door 🙂


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