Picking my next project

Sooo, I know its been awhile since I’ve posted any updates. Frankly, I haven’t done much worth updating y’all about. I’ve been patching some of the holes from my intercom system with the leftover drywall from my parent’s 4th of July visit and spending time on basic homeowner things – cleaning (2.5 bathrooms and 2200 sq ft takes a while!), and having friends over for dinner (without a working oven mind you).

I’ve also been debating which project I want to do next:

  1. Remove wallpaper in kitchen, master bath, vanity or entry
  2. Paint office
  3. Furnish patio
  4. Paint cabinets/door in half bath

I would LOVE to get started on the wallpaper, but I know its going to be a several phase project between the actual removal, mudding the walls and then painting, its going to take a lot of work. I should probably finish the half bath, but I think I want to do something that will have a larger impact. Although the patio just needs furniture and a grill, it requires little sweat equity but a decent amount money – did you know outdoor tables & chairs are upwards of $300??

Therefore, I think I’ve settled on painting my office. It currently has wood paneling on the lower half of the walls and pink paint on the top half, as well as on the closet door.


I spent hours searching on Pinterest & Houzz and found these 3 images as my inspiration:

I am planning on moving my black futon into the room in the future when I get fancy formal living room furniture, so it is important the black wood frame will work with the colors I choose. I am obsessed with this white desk from the Container Store, but I think I need to stick to black/espresso wood furniture. The furniture will be figured out much later down the line…

Which of the inspiration images do you like best: tropical, contemporary, or modern?


9 thoughts on “Picking my next project

  1. I definitely like the first one the best. Also, $300 for a patio set is pretty stinking cheap. If you want passable stuff to hang out and drink beer in/on check big lots or the like at the end of the season (November for you?).

    • I’m leaning towards the first one too! I need to go out and check some other places, including Garden Ridge. The only problem is my lack of a truck/SUV to get it home…

      • Yeah, that was a pretty big PitA for our first 4 years in the house… though surprisingly, a lot could fit in the Hondurr. However, not going to lie, it was nice filling up the truck with big stuff for a goodwill run last weekend and not having to rely on a friend’s truck.

  2. I vote contemporary! Although I think the first 2 are pretty similar. I think black furniture with a gray/blue color on the walls allows for lots of pops of color and ability to switch things around.

  3. I vote for contemporary. I love that blue!

    Hit up Craigslist for patio furniture. We’re still shopping too, but I refuse to drop tons of $ on outdoor furniture. Still keeping my fingers crossed that Craigslist will pull through.

    • I’m planning on going and picking up some paint swatches this weekend in a variety of blues 🙂

      My only problem is I don’t have a pickup truck so I don’t quite know how to get the patio furniture home… I also want to go by Garden Ridge and see if they have anything left.

      • We have the same issue of not having a truck. I have a couple of people to hit up here to borrow a truck from but I try to wait for the perfect find before asking favors. Good luck on the hunt. Garden Ridge should have something budget friendly. Also, try CostCo and Ikea. I have 2 outdoor chairs from Ikea that I love.

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