Birthdays & Roomies

It’s been a busy last couple of weeks! I celebrated my birthday with friends in Dallas and got wonderful gifts for my house such as home depot gift cards & the promise of a comforter set I’d had my eye on.  I also received a fabulous delivery of Sprinkles cupcakes from my wonderful brother & sister in Indy.

Sprinkles Birthday

Then I had the good fortune to go home for Labor Day and spend the weekend with 16+ of my favorite people under one roof. While at home, we celebrated my future niece at a baby shower and the birthdays of myself & my older brothers. We also went to the Purdue game and enjoyed some Breakfast Club festivities.

When I got back to Dallas, I decided it was time to get serious about continuing my updates and finding a roommate. After a post on Craigslist and several odd emails from prospective roommates, I found a good one! She’s expected to move in next weekend and I can’t wait.  Of course, this has meant that I need to move a little more quickly on finishing a few things in progress. I hung some art, curtains and emptied more boxes. Those ugly country western blinds on my sliding doors also got replaced with plain white ones.

I also used one of my housewarming gift cards to stock up on much needed things (well, only a little needed) from Bed Bath & Beyond – 12 champagne flutes (you can’t have too many, right??), another cookie sheet (since my oven is small and can only fit small cookie sheets), potato masher, meat thermometer, colander, 2 new sets of towels and some awesome Kate Spade hand towels (they were on clearance so I had to buy them). 

I’ve got several more things to do before my roommate moves in before next weekend, so here’s hoping I get it all done this week 🙂


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