Frog Tape > Blue Tape

Sooo… it’s been a while! Although there haven’t been any major updates in the last 2 months (until now), I have done a few minor things. I added some accent tables to my family room, including a pair of c-tables from Pier1 (I love how they hang over the furniture!):

And I hung some pictures/art in my family room:

My brothers convinced me to purchase an A/V receiver since a great Pioneer one was more than 50% off, and I would need one in order to use the built-in ceiling speakers in my family room. “It will be easy” my brothers said. However, it most certainly was not! I spent close to 4 hours Friday night attempting to set it up, followed by another 4 hours Saturday morning. After purchasing 2 new HDMI cables and testing my speakers with a 9-volt battery, I finally got the system to work! I can even play music from my cell phone. Now, I just need front speakers to complete the surround sound 🙂


Saturday afternoon I started on my next semi-major project: painting my study. I first started thinking about this room in August and decided I liked the blue in the contemporary inspiration image the best.

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 2.41.56 PM

One of my friends had suggested using Frog tape to protect my edges, and I’m so glad I listened! It worked amazing!! Way better than the Scotch Blue Painters tape. Unlike my half-bathroom paint job, there was minimal bleeding of the paint, and almost all of my lines are perfectly straight and smooth! It was time consuming to do all the prep work, but it was absolutely worth it.


I went with Tahoe Blue by Behr on top and an oil based semi-gloss enamel in white for the wood paneling. The blue only took 2 coats, and the wood paneling took 3 (or more in some places). I also painted the doors, door frames and windowsill white. I also replaced all of the old vanilla colored outlets with bright white ones. I’d like to get some new hardware for the built-ins and a new handle for the closet door.

Now I just need to furnish and decorate the room, and it will be complete.


3 thoughts on “Frog Tape > Blue Tape

  1. You should probably take the stickers off the front of the stereo now… They should just peel off. Makes it look less busy. Nice work on everything else, though.

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