Looking Forward: The Next 90 Days

Now that you’ve gotten caught up on what’s happened over the last 90 days, I thought I’d take the opportunity to let you know what my plans are for the next 90.

Since I now own a house, and with my parents planning on downsizing this summer, I get to have our family’s antique furniture this spring! This beautiful Wurlitzer Spinet piano was my dad’s growing up, and I played it as well when I was younger. Although my parents almost gave it away one Labor Day a few years ago in a brief lapse in judgement, it will soon find a new home in my formal living room.

I am also inhering my mother’s beautiful mahogany formal dining set, buffet & china cabinet, complete with her crystal & china dishes.

With the exception of the dining table, the other pieces are quite large & heavy. I need to replace the flooring in the formal living & dining room, and it makes sense to do so before the furniture arrives later this spring. It also makes sense to paint before replacing the flooring. So, I’ve got several big decisions to make in the next few weeks!

I’m leaning towards some type of dark wood flooring, and maybe light tan walls?  Suggestions on types of flooring? Laminate appears to be the most affordable, but I’m not sure about the quality & appearance. Thoughts? Advice? Feedback?


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