Long overdue update on wallpaper removal

Last fall, and into this spring, I spent several weekends over the course of several months working on my vanity outside my master bathroom. For being such a tiny area, it sure took a long time. It was probably the most painful project to date, and hence the reason I’ve not posted an update about it before now.

Like any home improvement project, there were snafus & surprises. Including two layers of wallpaper and live wires not capped in an open junction box.

I first tried to remove the wallpaper with this blue gel spray by DIF. It worked a little bit, but also made a HUGE, goopy mess. Finally I bit the bullet and purchased a steamer by Wagner. It was still time consuming, but a little less messy. Unfortunately my ‘skimming’ skills leave much to be desired, and didn’t do much to smooth all the nicks I made in the drywall.

Some wall texturizer spray came in handy to make the roughness look intentional, or at least not a total fail.

This spring, I finally decided to paint the room. I thought a nice pale yellow would be nice. Nope. It’s a bit much. Maybe painting the underside where the pot lights are white like the ceiling would help? Maybe painting all the trim white would help? Maybe I just need a completely new color. For now, it’s going to stay 🙂


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