Life outside

This year I decided to try my hand at gardening. And, I must have inherited my dad’s green thumb, because I’d say it was a success!


I planted three tomato plants, two pepper plants, basil & chives. There’s nothing better than fresh veggies from your own backyard. I have more basil than I know what to do with. My chives keep getting mistaken for unruly grass by my lawn guys, so they’ve been butchered; next year, I’ll put them in a pot so it’s apparent they’re intentional. Continue reading


Long overdue update on wallpaper removal

Last fall, and into this spring, I spent several weekends over the course of several months working on my vanity outside my master bathroom. For being such a tiny area, it sure took a long time. It was probably the most painful project to date, and hence the reason I’ve not posted an update about it before now.

Like any home improvement project, there were snafus & surprises. Including two layers of wallpaper and live wires not capped in an open junction box. Continue reading

My new {old} formal living & dining

Well, I had big aspirations a few weeks ago and almost all of it came to fruition these last two weeks! I painted my formal living and dining room a light brown called “Basketry” by Behr. It’s a little darker than I wanted, but I kept running into the issue of the light browns looking too much like nude skin tones. Either way, I’m happy the turquoise is almost all gone! Since the formal rooms flow right into the foyer then the main hallway, I made an artificial stopping point at the pony walls. I’ll finish painting the foyer and hallway in a week or two.


I also took down the French doors between the kitchen and formal dining room. They didn’t make sense in the first place since they covered the light dimmers for the living & dining room. Plus, they needed to be gone to make room for my breakfront : )

My parents made the 900+ mile trek from Florence, KY to Dallas last week with lots of my childhood mementos & heirloom furniture. Unfortunately they drove through major storms in Arkansas and some water leaked in to the truck. Overall, the water damage was pretty minor.

The glass breakfront, French china & French crystal were all passed down to my mom by her “Aunt” Nellie. Nellie moved into an apartment near my grandparents during the depression. Her husband was a bank president (as a figure head only) and was sent to prison during the depression.  My grandparents & great-grandparents helped her out during those years with her taxes and young children. Many years later, when she moved into a retirement home she gave her breakfront, china and crystal to my grandmother. My mom was the lucky recipient of these beautiful pieces when she asked for them when she was getting married.  The dining table & buffet were from another great-aunt’s estate sale.

The piano was my dad’s when he was growing up in St. Louis. It’s a Wurlitzer Spinet and I played as well throughout elementary school. I’m happy it stayed in our family and is now in my home.

It wouldn’t have been a visit from my parents without putting them to work. My mom & I hand washed all the china and crystal and my dad organized my garage & all the new tools he brought me. I have a few more small things and then I can finally have my housewarming party in a few weeks!!

Looking Forward: The Next 90 Days

Now that you’ve gotten caught up on what’s happened over the last 90 days, I thought I’d take the opportunity to let you know what my plans are for the next 90.

Since I now own a house, and with my parents planning on downsizing this summer, I get to have our family’s antique furniture this spring! Continue reading