90 day recap

Well, hello there. Thought I should provide a quick recap on the last 3 {three!} months. I didn’t think much has happened or been done to my house, but as I write this, I realize there are several things to talk about!

For starters, we celebrated Thanksgiving at my parents’ house in Florence, KY. It might very well be the last family gathering in that house as they’re looking to downsize. It was also a special occasion because their 35th wedding anniversary was on 11/25, just a few days before Thanksgiving. Continue reading


Frog Tape > Blue Tape

Sooo… it’s been a while! Although there haven’t been any major updates in the last 2 months (until now), I have done a few minor things. I added some accent tables to my family room, including a pair of c-tables from Pier1 (I love how they hang over the furniture!):

And I hung some pictures/art in my family room:

My brothers convinced me to purchase an A/V receiver since a great Pioneer one was more than 50% off, and I would need one in order to use the built-in ceiling speakers in my family room. “It will be easy” my brothers said. Continue reading

Brunch & a DIY #fail

This weekend I hosted my first event at my new house – brunch for my book club.  On the menu was hashbrown casserole, Mediterranean baked eggs, homemade granola, hummus and a cheese tray. I was excited to use some of my new gifts: a Texas shaped cutting board and cheese knives.  I used both leafs in my dining room table and pulled out all the stops – tablecloth, cloth napkins and silver chargers.   Continue reading

Birthdays & Roomies

It’s been a busy last couple of weeks! I celebrated my birthday with friends in Dallas and got wonderful gifts for my house such as home depot gift cards & the promise of a comforter set I’d had my eye on.  I also received a fabulous delivery of Sprinkles cupcakes from my wonderful brother & sister in Indy.

Sprinkles Birthday

Then I had the good fortune to go home for Labor Day and spend the weekend with 16+ of my favorite people under one roof. Continue reading