My First Whole Room DIY Makeover

Last weekend I attempted my first whole room DIY project! It was only a bathroom, and a half-bath at that, but still, it was one whole room checked off my list.

Bathroom before, and a poor "pic stitch" job

Bathroom before, and a poor “pic stitch” job

When my parents were in town over the 4th of July, we attempted to replace the  gross, old medicine cabinet in my half bath. After pulling it out of the wall, we realized we couldn’t put a new one since the new standard of medicine cabinets were much larger than those from the 60’s. We couldn’t make the hole bigger because of where the stud was, so my dad set to work patching the hole instead.  While out shopping, we found this great mirror that became the inspiration for the whole room.


I decided I should take advantage of the small non-lived-in room by doing a really bold color. I was pretty sure I wanted to do a deep blue, so I picked up about eight paint chips from Home Depot in varying navy/royal/amethyst colors.  Ultimately I decided on Deep Cobalt Blue by Behr.

I picked up the necessary supplies last Friday night and was so excited I got started that evening on the prep work.

half bath paint prep

Kitchen trashbags worked great to cover the sink & toilet!

medicine cabinet patch work

Where the old medicine cabinet was

Bright and early Saturday morning I got started on the painting, after my oven repair guy came and didn’t repair my oven, but that’s another story. Lesson learned: painting is not so easy and I wasn’t so great at it. Blue paint ended up on the ceiling (oops), and on the windowsill and baseboards.  Then when I painted the baseboards I managed to get white paint on the blue walls.

While I was in between coats of paint I decided to start a Pinterest inspired project to put up in my bathroom.

Pinterest inspired shelf!

Pinterest inspired shelf!

Finally, after at least 4 rounds of touch ups on the bathroom walls, I declared the room (mostly) finished.

cobalt blue half bath

Half bath compete!

cobalt blue half bath

Half bath after

cobalt blue half bath

Half bath after

I still need to figure out a towel bar for the room and will ultimately need to get new blinds as well, since I managed to break off the twisty thing that makes them open and shut.  Despite all the headaches with painting, I’m super pleased with how the room turned out.  Now, off to container store to put together a solution for this:

Wrapping paper assortment

Wrapping paper assortment


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